Recreational Dance 5-6yr olds


CLASS TIMES:  Fridays 4.15 - 5pm @ QPACT (red room)


  • Students to arrive 5 minutes early, change and wait QUIETLY in changing area (my classes are run to time)
  • Txts and calls are appreciated if you are to be absent from class
  • Picking up students - I prefer the younger students to stay in the classroom whilst waiting for a pickup. (I check my cell phone between classes so please call/txt if you are runnning late
  • Our space is too small to allow all parents to sit in on the entire class, please feel welcome to join us in the last 10mins. Saying that I do invite all parents (yes this includes my senior classes!) to sit in on one class every term, your support is invaluable.


  • There is no uniform requirement for this class, but students are to wear:
  • Shorts/pants - loose and comfortable
  • Bare feet
  • Hair to be tied off face
  • Water bottles to be brought to every class


Lets help each other out. Save on gas and precious time. Below is a list of students in this class, the areas they live and phone numbers. If you wish to be added please let me know. (this page is private)

  • FRANKTON                        Sunitha Kurunakaran                       442 3121
  • ARTHURS PT                     Kiri Winders                                        442 3984
  • KELVIN HEIGHTS            Pascale Lorre                                      441 8214
  • ARROWTOWN                  Charlotte Graf                                      442 1248
  • DALEFEILD                        Nikki Bodle                                          442 7200

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