Our Gorge Rd Dance Studio is located in the 'Lakes Hospitality Building' opposite the High School on Gorge Rd. 

Entrance is down the side of the building and we share upstairs premises with the Queenstown Pole Studio.

Parking is limited and please take care not to park in areas that obviously belong to other businesses. There is also no parking behind the building.

Please take care entering and exiting through side door as this is a busy thoroughfare for couriers and others.

Gorge Rd Dance Studio
67b Gorge Rd


QPACT, Performing arts Centre, Ballarat St, Queenstown, 

We are also fortunate to teach out of the wonderful QPACT rooms on Ballarat St. QPACT is above the Art Rooms on the corner of Stanley and Ballarat St. There are 4 different rooms, studio A (yellow, around back), studio B (green, in the middle), studio C (red, closest to Ballarat St) and studio D (small piano room at front). There are changing rooms around back for students to await their class. We appreciate students and families to take care of these premises as we are very lucky to have the use of them and many others also share them with us.

There is plenty of parking on Ballarat and Henry St. PLEASE bring a filled drink bottle as the tap water is not for drinking.

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