JazzAddict Australasia is an exciting dance syllabus bringing jazz dance into the twenty-first century. The syllabus has been developed to create passionate, versatile jazz dancers who are empowered and encouraged to be creative with their own style and choreography.

JazzAddict Australasia:

• is technically stimulating with a strong emphasis on style and performance (all levels incorporate a classical technique exercise to supplement jazz technique),

• will encourage student creativity by incorporating impromptu work and student choreography,

• will expose students to the different jazz styles including musical theatre (from Junior levels) lyrical work (from Elementary grades), and contemporary work (from Intermediate levels).

The Syllabus comprises of 14 levels:

Primary Jazz 1 – 2

Junior Jazz 1 – 3

Elementary Jazz 1 – 3 2 classes per wk

Intermediate Jazz 1 – 3 2 classes per wk

Advanced Jazz 1 – 2 2 classes per wk

Solo Seal

The levels are made up of a series of exercises including arm combinations, classical technique, floorwork, turns, isolations, leaps, amalgamations and dances. All work is progressive and is designed to develop co-ordination, strength, agility and style. Amalgamations include jazz, musical theatre, lyrical and contemporary. These styles complement competition requirements. The teacher sets the dance and must incorporate the compulsory steps.

Students can enter the syllabus at any age (and ability) at a level recommended by the teacher.

Year Plan

Terms one and two of the school year are focused on preparing students for examinations. Examinations are held in the third term of the school year.

Impromptu Work

Impromptu work is included to encourage freedom of movement in junior levels. The examiner provides the music for the impromptu. Students should prepare for impromptu work seeking to show musicality, use of the floor, use of levels and variety of steps.

Student Choreography

Student choreography is incorporated at higher levels to develop student initiative and creativity. Students are to choreograph their work individually with assistance from the teacher where necessary. Students’ choreography should be prepared by students in their own time and polished by the teachers. The teacher sets the music for student choreography.

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