JazzAddict Syllabus

Often asked is the question, what is Jazz? Although many styles of Jazz dance exist, at the Queenstown School of Dance we teach Jazz as an artistic performance, with the focus on rhythm and fun. Our JazzAddict syllabus contains classical technique, technical warm-ups, travelling progressions and routines that involve various steps, turns, jumps and floorwork. We train students in lyrical dance, contemporary dance, musical theatre, impromptu and student choreography. Setting a solid base for those students wishing to continue dance on as a career. 
Want to know more about this syllabus?

Exam Classes - Exam Classes are for students aged 6 years and up. If you wish to enroll in a jazz exam class at the Queenstown School of Dance please call Anna Stuart to discuss your best options (441 4129 / 021 860 060) or send a message. Please note that some classes are already full.
Recreational Classes - We also offer a pre-requisite recreational jazz, ballet and funk class for 5-6yr olds. This is not an exam class. 

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