Hip Hop


Ever wanted to know how to whack, tut, crump or break? Well our new hip hop syllabus has it all! Urban Ignition is a fresh syllabus with strength and 'flava'. The syllabus provides a technical base in hip hop with a strong style element . The students get to interpret their own dance style and by age 9 are choreographing their own crew work.

Hip Hop is a very physical dance style, using a lot of floorwork, upper body and core strength. The counts are fast, intricate and challenging for the student. In other words it's fun but it's definitely a workout and stimulating for the brain.

We emphasise fun along with technical dance training, and yes our hip hop students are expected to sit examinations. We do offer recreational classes for 5-6yr olds.

From the little ones to the bigger ones, we strongly push our students to express their own style and personality, with the aim of performing their own choreography in end of year show.

Students are able to enroll straight into a hiphop exam class from school age year 2. Please call Anna Stuart to discuss class options and times 021 860 060 or send a message

We also offer the following classes: 

 Boys only hip hop classes for ages 5-7yrs

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