Exam Info - Intermediate Jazz 2

Mock Exam - August, Sunday 8th

Actual Exam – August, Monday 23rd

 (Mock and actual exam, same times)

Examiner – Ms Corinne Yee

Venue – QPACT (Mock is in yellow room, Actual exam room still tbc)


Students to arrive 30mins prior to exam. If doing hair at rooms please arrive earlier, those 30mins are to be spent warming up and practicing, not getting ready.

Students to enter changing round back. We do not have two rooms available to get ready in this year. We just need to make do and  students will need to be extra quiet.

I will be in changing room making sure other students in the building do not enter exam room and that noise is kept to an absolute minimum. No need for a parent helper this year.


Black ¾ pedal pushers

QSD Senior Jazz Tops

Black Bras – Safety pinned under singlet (NO straps showing)

Black jazz shoes, no socks (check clean and laces tied extra securely)

Numbers will be at rooms with instructions (make sure they are removed after exam!!!)

HAIR    2 french plaits

                -  No hair on face!

                -  Glitter spray optional


MAKEUP – optional (Exams are performance based, I believe a little makeup on the older girls enhances their dancing)


JEWELLERY – Stud earrings allowed, NO necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings etc



3.05 – 4.15pm 

(August - Sun 8th and Mon 23rd)

Intermediate Jazz 2 – Group A              

Tessa Goldsmith

2.   Eeleel Edwy

3.   Laura Laurenson 

4.   Olivia Ward 

5.   Katrina Hope       

6.   Rosa Woods (mock only)         



4.40 – 5.50pm 

(August - Sun 8th and Mon 23rd)

Intermediate Jazz 2 – Group B

1.   Stephanie Walsh         

2.   Holly Hoogvliet

3.   Daisy Hylton

4.   Adie Lawrence

5.   Ella Shirley                             

6.   Natalya van den Boom    









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