Exam Info - BBDS Elementary 1

Mock Exam – September, Sunday 13th

Real Exam – September, Sunday 20th

Examiner – Miss Lynelle Kurtland

Venue – QPACT


Students to arrive 30mins prior to exam. If doing hair at rooms please arrive earlier, those 30mins are to be spent warming up and practicing, not getting ready.


Students to enter side room directly off Ballarat St. Please be quiet as exams are right next door in middle room.


Anna is doing the music during examinations, so there will be a parent assigned to look after each group. Anna will come and get students when it’s their turn.



Black ¾ pedal pushers

PLAIN Bright T-shirt (no pictures or wording)

White ankle socks

Sneakers (check clean and laces tied extra securely)

Numbers will be at rooms with instructions (make sure they are removed after exam!!!)


HAIR    2 french plaits

                -    No hair on face!

                -   Glitter spray optional


MAKEUP – optional (Exams are performance based, I believe a little makeup on the older girls enhances their dancing)


JEWELLERY – Stud earrings allowed, NO necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings etc




3.05 – 3.50pm

BBDS Elementary 1 – Group A                          

1.    Charlie Turner

2.    Nikau Stuart-Tipene   

3.    Bella Grimmond   

4.    Holly Moore

5.    Georgia O’Malley

6.    Madeleine Holmes   

7.    Kate Ward           


4.05 – 4.45pm

BBDS Elementary 1 – Group B                          

1.    Gracie McQuaig

2.    Violet Hirst    

3.    Eve O’Connor    

4.    Sienna Strachan              

5.    Grace Lamond                                  

6.   Lily Yochay          

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