BBDS is the Broken Beat Dance Syllabus produced and marketed by the Australasian Dance Association.  The Broken Beat Dance Syllabus is available in Australasia and proudly offers a Hip-Hop syllabus which aims to:

  • Inject enthusiasm and a passion for dance into its students,
  • Provide a strong technical dance base.

All syllabus work is technically stimulating and provides opportunity to develop stylistic and performance qualities.  It is accessible at various levels and designed to take both experienced and inexperienced dancers through the syllabus.  Students improve their technique through progressive development - each grade builds up from the previous level.  There is a strong emphasis on style and personality as well as technique.

The syllabus comprises of 13 levels:

B-bop 1

Introductory 1 – 3

Elementary 1 – 3

Intermediate 1 – 3

Advanced 1 - 3

Each level is made up of a series of exercises including arm combinations, floorwork, beat (rhythm) exercises, footwork, isolations, amalgamations and a dance. 

Year Plan

Terms one and two of the school year are focused on preparing students for examinations. Examinations are held in the third term of the school year.

Examination Philosophy

The emphasis is on examinations being fun. The students are expected to be well prepared and conduct themselves in the highest standards of examination protocol. Their attitude should be one of confidence and eagerness to showcase their years’ work to the examiner.

BBDS – Mission Statement

To be the best Hip-Hop syllabus available in the Southern Hemisphere.”


  • For BBDS students to have the ultimate Hip-Hop experiences that are fun, fulfilling and ultimately fuel their passion for dance.

  • For BBDS to be recognised as having the highest quality of Hip-Hop teachers and syllabus work.

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